Lyle Lovett - "Natural Forces" Released
Lyle Lovett's new album is available, and was recorded and mixed my Nathaniel Kunkel. A solid five stars at iTunes.
Posted on November 29 2009
Nirvana - "Live at Reading" Released
The new Nirvana DVD, CD and double LP was mixed in surround and stereo by Nathaniel Kunkel at Studio Without Walls.
Posted on November 23 2009
New Everclear album "In a Different Light" Released
The new Everclear release was Co-Produced and Mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel at Studio Without Walls. Available now.
Posted on November 23 2009
Maroon 5 - New Single Release
The new single by Maroon 5 is a cover of the Sinatra classic "The Way You Look Tonight". It was recorded at Capitol Studios and mixed at Studio Without Walls by Nathaniel Kunkel. Check it out at the iTunes store.
Posted on July 20 2009
Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners DVD-A - Released
The Remix of Graham Nash's first solo album "Songs For Beginners" has been released by Rhino. The album tracks were transfered and mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel at Studio Without Walls and Kazoo Studios.
Posted on November 28 2008
New I Nine Release
The new iTunes download of the week "Seven Days Of Lonely" is from the new EP for I Nine. Two of the songs, "Beckon" and "Change Nothing" were produced by Nathaniel Kunkel. Go check them out!
Posted on February 20 2008
New Web Site
Welcome to the new web site. Look for new news here.
Posted on January 05 2008